Marrying the Lead Funnel with Moments of Truth


As a marketer and aspiring growth hacker, I'm often confronted with a clash of frameworks - the lead funnel and moments of truth. I decided to take a stab at marrying both frameworks as illustrated above. During this process, while I noticed that there were several similarities across both of these frameworks, they were driven by and focused on vastly different motivations and metrics.

The lead funnel approach takes a business lens with the objective of converting the customer throughout the user journey in the most effective and efficient method. As such, it focuses on very conversion related metrics. In contrast, moments of truth takes a customer lens and examines the user journey from an experience perspective. It questions how the customer experiences the brand through his/her five senses, and how the brand makes the customer think and feel.

Ideally, a good business should employ both lenses to marry efficient business processes with superior customer experiences throughout the user journey. Hopefully, this framework will give you a good starting point.

Written by Benedict Yeo

Benedict Yeo